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CETAS VMP365 now live on AppSource!

We have just published our first app on Microsoft AppSource! So after all, I really have to say that I’m very proud of our Product Team at CETAS for their continuous efforts to develop Add-on solutions as part of our ISV Offerings and delivering on that promise, what they have accomplished in the last weeks! We are #CetasVMP365 #ReadyToGo #MSDyn365BC #microsoftappsource #Cetastech

CETAS VMP365, add-on solution to boost your Vendor Collaborations and Relationship has just become available in AppSource – the official online marketplace for Microsoft solutions. Click here to find the solution in AppSource! CETAS VMP365 designed to help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers to automate the Vendor On boarding, Procure to Pay Visibility and self-Service collaborations to boost supplier relationship.

AppSource only features solutions that goes through technical and marketing validations by Microsoft and we’re just glad to have gone through this rigorous process and are now LIVE on AppSource.


Users are now reassured in the knowledge that solutions in the AppSource are of high quality and comply with Microsoft’s Best Practices. The approval also ensures that the solution meets the latest technical requirements, is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and being listed in AppSource assures the consumer that this solution fits the Microsoft product strategy and is upgradeable.

Powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, the tightly integrated solution enhances the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal while you speedup processing, reduce back office efforts, cut costs and improves accuracy of business transactions with vendors and build a more engaging business relationship.

Our goal with AppSource is to provide a seamless experience for customers to find, try and easily subscribe to our Add-on solution. By directly connecting the customers and ISV providers, , AppSource provides the customers a global platform to find solutions that add value to their ERP investments in Microsoft Dynamics family of products.

Over the next months, we will continue to expand our solution portfolio on the Microsoft platform, and looking forward to sharing the next set of solutions #navbuild and Dynascheduler 365 on Appsource. If you are you interested to learn more about VMP365 or what we are doing, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

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Certificate changes for your NAV Mobile Client

Certificate changes for your NAV Mobile Client:

If you’ve been getting the below error

Server Connection timeout occurred.

In your NAV Mobile client, the likely root cause is the SAN (Subject Alternative Name) in your Certificate.

If you have the cert created via the below PowerShell script. This means only fs.<IP/Domain> will be trusted by Google (and Android App). This typically happen with SAN(subject alternate name) certs.

Import-Module ‘C:\Users\vmadmin\Downloads\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx.ps1’

New-SelfSignedCertificateEx -Subject ‘CN=<IP/Domain>’ -IsCA $true -Exportable -StoreLocation LocalMachine -SubjectAlternativeName certauth.fs.<IP/Domain>, <IP/Domain>

You can download the file from here :

Then please review the below information:

  • Check the certificate, if you have “Subject Alternative Name” or not

  • If not, then it is recommend you to create the certificate using the above PowerShell cmd

(the values in the above cmd should be changed based on your system)

If you’ve any further difficulties, please feel free to write back to us.


Happy NAV usage.
Team Genie@CETAS.

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CETAS Timesheet – Simply the Process & Employee Productivity


Image Source:Image source:Jack Moreh/freerangestock

Currently, small & mid-sized Project-based organizations including IT/ITES industry across BPO’s, KPO’s, Software Development, Consulting, Media, Designers, PMC, AEC enterprises depends on Silos of systems, manual time sheet, scattered availability of Information’s on Project, resources and time sheet and its Processes leads to errors, duplication of works and inefficiency cascades to delayed billing cycles, revenue leakages and impacts the bottom line and cash flow.

Some of the other challenges faced by Project based Organizations are

  • Lack of visibility into Billable Hours, Project resources, and time spent on activities and billing schedules
  • Increased errors in tracking projects leading to inaccurate billing
  • Inability to capture detailed information on tasks
  • Silos of systems lead to lack of integrated invoicing means increased lead times
  • Delayed updates lead to missed billing opportunities

CETAS Timesheet is an easy to use, intuitive and fully configurable solution for Project-Centric businesses, which delivers powerful time capturing and tracking capabilities and efficient operational planning and scheduling of your human resources, control of costs and time spent on a project.

Powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, CETAS Timesheet available for web and Mobile(which can work online or offline mode as well) is designed to support the time capture, process and tacking related needs of a wide range of project-centric businesses, eliminates time-consuming, manual and error-prone tasks, and it drives cost savings, efficiencies, employee engagement and higher employee productivity.


CETAS Timesheet Benefits

Simply the Process & Employee Productivity

Automate the time capture, track against tasks and reporting of effort & time to ensure employee accountability, deliverables, productivity ensures the on-time billing and Reduce organization costs

Collaborative & Comprehensive WBS for Timesheet

Portals and Mobile Apps provide both Projects team and managers access to a single, shared unified data streams to create and manage projects with multiple levels- project, task, activity, set budgets at any level of your choice and Track time against projects and tasks, and fill timesheets on daily, weekly, fortnightly of monthly basis or enter the backlog.

Streamline the Client Billing, Approval Workflow and Communications

Reduce your Admin & Billing team’s workload with a robust, scalable, self-service portal for timely Project time & effort data and Streamline your employee timesheet approval through automated notifications, updates to keeps processes on track, automates time-consuming manual tasks and keeps players informed and involved.

Offline Mobile APP

In case your team works out of remote sites, capturing of their timesheet at the source, becomes a challenge. With CETAS Timesheet Mobile APP, your worries are solved, as this Mobile APP works in a disconnected mode (without any WiFi or mobile data connectivity). When you get connected, the data gets synchronized automatically.

Real-Time Insights leads operational efficiency

Gain full visibility into the timesheet, resource allocations, Billing Hours, Cost at-a-glance insights with built-in reports & Dashboards, Tight Integration with NAV as Time and Project task-related information is automatically transferred and populated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as per project setup, which reduces the risk of potential errors and invoices your clients faster and improved operational efficiency.

CETAS Timesheet Application, available for on-Premise and Cloud, brings you real-time visibility, robust team collaboration and everything your team needs, in one place. Manage clients, projects, tasks, time, attendance, approvals, notifications, and dashboards, tightly Integrated with NAV or your ERP for the client Billing.

To know more about the CETAS Add-ons, Solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit

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Why Project- Driven Procurement Planning & Fulfillment is important for Interior Fit-out Industry?

Image Source:CC0

Most of the Growing Interior Fit-Out contractors have fragmented, unstructured, excel driven, and manual processes for managing the Procurement planning and fulfilment that result in

  1. Longer Planning and increased Cycle times in Project Procurement
  2. Lack of visibility as Procurement not aware of Project needs, and Project not aware of Procurement needs
  3. Disconnected Project, Procurement and Site data leads to Poor and delay in Procurement decisions
  4. Delayed approval Process as lack of communication and Standardisation
  5. Missing data, incomplete data, and inconsistent reporting errors lead to confusion, project delays and cost overruns.

Procurement Planning, fulfilment and logistics of Materials and resources account for 45% to 70% of an enterprise activity and fundamental part of the project in the Interior Fit-Out Industry, and absolutely critical to the delivery of a project on time, on budget. Growing Interior Fit-Out enterprises focus on improving the efficiency, Productivity, communications, and collaboration among teams and payment control.

NAVBUILD empowers the Interior Fit-Out Procurement team to effectively manage the procurement, reduces procurement cycles, and improves service levels through Project and Collaboration. As per the recent survey, 87% of respondents of the belief that good procurement is synonymous with a successful project in the Fit-Out & MEP Industry, with centralized data and built-in world-class Microsoft Dynamics Global ERP solution, designed for Interior fit-out Industry, NAVBUILD brings together estimation, project and procurement information in a single integrated platform to orchestrate execution with project-driven Supply chain enables collaborative planning among Project and Procurement to track live project at all times and ensure performance.

Procurement is all about process, communications and cost savings. Go digital with more accuracy, efficiency, Productivity and breaks the silos and dependencies throughout the Project Lifecycle.  Using NAVBUILD Pre-Configured Procurement Process for Interior Fit-Out, you can:

  1. Reduced Planning time: Successful project execution and delivery is a direct result of systematic Process, planning and monitoring of Materials and resources in line with approved budgeted values and Qty. NAVBUILD allows Collaborative Procurement Planning with Procurement, Project, Design, Estimation and Site team and helps them to identify the detailed procurement needs, source of supply (RFQ, Preferred Vendors, Internal transfers or Production order to your Sub-assembly/Mfg unit), Procurement schedule for the BoQ, wastages calculations, multiple UoM options for BoQ (ability to specific quantity by Breadth, width & Height), and automates your Procurement and streamlines the process of requisitioning, sourcing, procuring, and payments. This will help the Procurement team reduces the number of planning iterations, economic buying of units & qty, informed buying decisions and makes each iteration faster, thus reducing the planning and cycle time.
  2. Enable better Control of Material and resources: NAVBUILD allows the site team to initiate the requisitions (MRN/Indent) against the Project BoQ and ensures control over the budgeted qty and value. With configurable, multiple role driven approval workflow, the Project, procurement, sites and management team will have the visibility of the requisition, approved (Fully or Partially) or rejected or amended (qty changes), and ensures the adequate checks to control the material requirements, Procurement schedule, and also advance warning before spending runs over budget. This empowers the Project and Procurement to act the Procurement Plan to avoid the excess/under inventory, lead time, delivery schedule, and visibility on the available budgets, Ordered Qty, Requested qty and Cost.

  1. Procure & Deliver Faster: Based on the identified sourcing strategy, NAVBUILD enforces the Procurement team select the appropriate sourcing including Preferred Vendor, Production Orders, Internal transfers, Request for Quotation (RFQ) for materials, and install or install/supply sub-contractors for the resources (work order) and act quickly on all approved requisitions and consolidate, if required and validate the change orders (Non-tendered items, if any) information. Authorized procurement team then use the integrated, pre-configured project-based supply chain execution process to execute effective supply chain activities including sourcing, negotiations, empower proactive data-driven informed decisions on lead time, coordination and tracking of shipping and receiving that reduces administrative time, wastage and aligns delivery to key projects effectively.
  2. Effective Payment Settlement: NAVBUILD helps the accounts and finance team with the single integrated view of budgets, cost including committed and billing. NAVBUILD simplifies the process to calculate the effective payment due for your suppliers against the GRN including QC visibility and progress payments (based on Measurement Book- % or BoQ qty) for the contractors, specified on the contract including the advances paid, and applicable retentions, statuary deductions before payment is made, once the required approval in place.
  3. Improve Productivity: NAVBUILD Self-service Vendor Portal helps to onboard the supplier & Subcontractors quickly, release RFQ and collaborative engagement to establishes process standards, eliminates all manual data entry, duplication of data, reduce operational costs and governance to maximize vendor adoption and productivity.
  4. Approval and Workflows: NAVBUILD offers configurable multi-level, role and workflow-driven approvals and enforces workflows and no steps are skipped or repeated unnecessarily and allows users to communicate consistently with clients, team and suppliers.
  5. Real-time Reports & Dashboard: Gain at-a-glance insights with built-in project metrics for Project execution, spend and financials to make informed and timely decisions. With Dynamics NAV Mobility and multi-dimensional Analysis, NAVBUILD drives insights anywhere, any device.

The project manager inherently drives to minimize risk by requesting the items for the BoQ in full or partially and reserved, and the Procurement manager focuses on optimizing inventory and maximizing working capital across projects by consolidating the indents for a negotiation with the supplier for a better rate & terms. Since they do not have real-time data and Poor visibility into each other’s requirements, schedules or priorities and numerous dependencies, the result is very little confidence on either side that the project will be delivered on time or within budget.

If you are a growing Interior Fit-Out organization with multiple projects at a time, then Project driven Supply chain solution, designed for Fit-Out Industry for improved automated communications among the involved procurement, project and finance team is the need of the hour. Visit for more information or write to us at to schedule the meeting to discuss your ERP initiative and demo.

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CETAS Vendor Portal -Add-on Solutions for Dynamics NAV

                                                                                                                                   Image Source:Jack Moreh/freerangestock

If you are Dynamics NAV Customer, and your Procurement team going through the below day to day challenges and concerns on the productivity and efficiency then you need to explore CETAS Vendor Portal as more than 10% of a companies’ operating revenue is spent on establishing Supplier & Procurement team relationship and communications woes.

  • Manual Process: Manually Manage RFQ, PO, and vendor details and Updates manually in the ERP
  • Communication– spending time over the phone/email for Supplier queries, updates, amendments, status, Statement of Account and Payment reconciliations
  • AP Process: Delayed response from the vendor for the invoices, site/Store on the GRN/Stock updates, and missed communication to accounts for AP process

CETAS Vendor Portal is a collaboration component designed to help Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customer vendors with an easy, flexible, seamlessly integrated and highly secure Self-service portal solutions to streamline the collaboration with vendors, simplify the tasks and improves the accuracy of business transactions with vendors, procurement team and build a more engaging business relationship.

In the Digital Transformation world, CETAS Vendor Portal powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, enhances the capabilities of Dynamics NAV by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal. Tightly Integrated with Dynamics NAV, the self-service portal provides your suppliers with the means and visibility of real-time information and eliminates repetitive and mundane tasks including constant Vendor inquiry calls, manual data entries and It lets vendors work with Requests for quotation (RFQs), purchase orders (POs), invoices, Price and lets them access parts of their vendor master data, receive real-time updates on the Order status, Payments, GRNs, Stocks, Invoices, and Statement of Accounts.


The portal ensures secure user authentication and administration, vendor onboarding, automate vendor communication, and lastly real-time dashboard offering the building blocks for collaborations and establish the relationship with workflow-driven notifications and approvals, and analytics, thereby helping you reduce back-office efforts.

By integrating seamlessly into your new or existing NAV System, Vendor Portal gives you a real-time, automated, global view of your procurement & Supply chain, allowing you to manage and monitor the performance of your supplier network and immediately impact your bottom line.

Plus, CETAS vendor portals present an extension of your organization as you can brand the portal to your vendors with your logo’s and extend your corporate branding from your website to a secure Vendor Portal.

In summary, the CETAS Vendor Portal available for Cloud and On Premise deployment, provides a more efficient way to communicate and an improved customer-vendor relationship.

To know more about the CETAS Add-ons, Solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit

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Meet CETAS at Directions ASIA 2018

The Directions conferences are worldwide community events for Dynamics partners, and its all about empowering Microsoft Dynamics partners with the knowledge, best practices, discover valuable tools for execution and success to grow their businesses. This second edition of Directions Asia,  we will be one of the hundreds of Dynamics Partners attending Directions ASIA 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.

New Ways to bring tangible values to you, and technology innovations for your clients in the changing Engineering & Construction Industry

Meet us at our Booth #B11 to know how NAVBUILD can help your Client business, and discover the success stories of our customers are charging forward towards improved productivity, streamline processes, project controls and performance of projects resulting in successful project outcomes throughout the project lifecycle.

To Drive Value, it’s important to create a Technology, Industry Best Practices and Add-on Solutions that focuses on your Prospective customers. All these years, we have learned and established a seamless solution for your Potentials customers, and Channel experience for you. Visit our Booth #B11 to learn more about how NAVBUILD can help your clients realize their business potentials and success stories of our Customers and Dynamics Partners.

  • NAVBUILD – Certified (CfMD) Solutions for Construction, Interior Fit Out, Speciality Contractors, EPC/MEP, HVAC Contractors and Project-Centric businesses.

You’ll be interested to learn about other add-on solutions:

  • FoS 365 – White labelled Food Ordering Application Platform for F&B industry, Integrated with NAV/LS Retail
  • Vendor Portal – Cloud solution, which enables collaboration with your vendors, by providing self-service functions.
  • TimeSheet – Cloud solution, which enables field project/service staff to manage their attendance, tasks and timesheet and is integrated with NAV.

The CETAS team is looking forward to meeting you at Directions ASIA 2018!  Plan a meeting with us at Directions Asia 2018…


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Top challenges of Estimation in the Interior Fit out Industry

Source:CC0 Creative CommonsImage Source:CC0 Creative Commons

Getting an accurate project estimate can feel like the toughest challenge in the interior Fit out process, but it’s interesting to look at the main challenges of today’s QS team for estimation and successful bidding

Top challenges of Estimation in the Interior Fit out Industry

  • Short Response time
  • Bill of Quantity (BoQ) Sheet
  • Risks in the estimate
  • Collaboration problems
  • The need for standardization
  • Project Costing

Each estimator sees the job differently, and finding the sweet spot in High Bid or Low bid and do it consistently on time is the key for the success, and single integrated, Project-driven ERP system with Estimation module can be a great enabler to addresses the above challenges.

1. Short response Time

In the current competitive world of Fit out projects and customer demand, Lack of time is usually cited by most estimators as their biggest concern, and there is ever more pressure on QS Team to produce estimates faster, thereby increasing the risk of expensive inaccuracies, mistakes and bid success rate. Consequently, time-saving features including ready to use Templates, Rate Analysis, BoQ excel Import, estimation version control, enterprise workflow, collaboration and multi-level approvals in an estimation module of Integrated ERP system are incredibly useful, saves time and improve efficiency.

For instance, a lot of time can be saved if a QS team is able to go quickly identify similar projects or jobs, items from the estimation History or use the template to quickly add the items to a materials list. Advanced search features, Rate card for the BoQ, Prices, multiple Item parameters like Product group, Make, Technical details like colour, dimensions make the whole process much quicker, giving the user the ability to find not just priced items but also resources that have been used previously

2. Bill of Quantity (BoQ) Sheets

The most important part of estimation is dealt with customer BoQ sheets, which are different in nature, considering the No of Line items in BoQ, Unit of Measure, Technical descriptions and at times, Separate BoQ sheets for materials and Services.

NAVBUILD offers simple and a 3-step process for to load the direct Excel BoQ into the system, Step 1 – Locate BOQ file shared by the customer. Step 2 – Verify the BOQ before uploading to the system. Step 3 – Click ok, and allows the estimation team to work on the estimation with the readily available Rate card. NAVBUILD also allows the QS team to categorise and define the templates for BoQ import and Rate card masters for different Projects, and share information easily with those outside the system to collaborate and work on the Estimation.

3. Risks in the estimate

In the estimation calculations, the cost to do a job is different for every company and the bid success lies in the readily available composition of your Job costs for materials, labour, equipment, subcontractors, Overheads cost, and your margin, and real-time data availability with historical bid data, systematic approach to executing complex calculations and decisions on the risk exposure.

NAVBUILD offers much more informative data like estimation revision, version control, comparisons, and flexibility to search and add the prices for different item compositions/Brands or margin changes, handling the non-tendered items with billable or non-billable flags and multi-dimensional Reporting, and analysis including direct-to-Excel report features enables the risks to be quantified and reduced

4. Collaboration problems

One of the most common reasons for estimation delay is lack of communication and collaboration among the department users results in duplication tasks and poor productivity. When estimation teams can’t collaborate easily, errors happen and waste time and resources.

NAVBUILD helps to bridge many of the productivity gaps by offerings the users across the locations or team to work on an estimate, at the same time and avoid the users to submit the information in their own format and sending, and this will improve communication and eliminating resource-intensive processes and unnecessary tasks.

5. Standardised approach

In the construction & Fit-out Industry, standardisation is a significant problem faced by estimation/QS team today. The estimation is done by single or few individuals with expert judgement approach with the help of excels sheets and experiences based on the similar projects in the past. Standardisation underpins the consistency and expert judgment estimation offers range, rather accurate as any two projects are unlikely to be identical. So, it is vital that your system supports a standardised approach with bottom-up estimations and process automation to streamline the process and minimize mistakes, Improve accuracy of estimates regardless of project size

The bidding process plays a very significant role in the success of your company. Winning more profitable project requires effective bid management with integrated tendering and Project management solutions. With the need to meet accuracy, quality, shorter response time, productivity and compliance standards demanding greater bid competence, a structured approach and Process standardizations is essential.

6. Project Costing

In real time, budget cost and the actual cost will always be a generated after project completion. When we go back what was the estimated cost of the completed project, then getting the details becomes even more difficult. In BOQ based estimated approach, at any point in time, it is possible to track estimated cost, budgeted cost and actual cost. In addition to this, you will also have provision for committed cost, which will help in managing project cash flow.

Your success starts with accurate project estimates but depends on solid execution. NAVBUILD, ready to use, single integrated Project-driven ERP system with Pre-configured solutions for Interior Fit-out industry, will help to address all of the challenges described above, and designed to improve bid management, reduce the cost of bid production, minimise risk, support Project-driven supply chain collaboration and streamline core processes.

To know more about the solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit


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Key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics for the Construction & Real Estate industry

NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV, Certified (CfMD) Solutions for Construction Industry

NAVBUILD for Microsoft Dynamics, CfMD Certified, Industry ready Construction ERP solution with rich Financial and Project Accounting capabilities, and integrated end-to-end business processes from Estimation, budgeting to execution in a single solution addresses to these challenges, and helps firms stay current with leading edge practices and quickly enhancing the company’s competency and growth.

The Key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation for the Construction & Real Estate industry are:

Business Planning and Execution: Construction & Real estate industry is an extremely challenging industry that needs the business owners to be very prudent in their planning due to complex portfolio of legal entities across locations, Project sizes, multi-currency and Compliance’s. One needs to discreetly plan everything from project costing to collaborating with suppliers and sub-contractors, continuously track the cash flow & Budgeting, Earned Value, Cost to Complete and comply with the changes in Government regulation.

NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV with its efficient and Single Integrated Budgeting to Project Execution solutions with Comprehensive Project planning module can be a great help for such planning, helping the users in estimations, project planning, budget planning, site Management, construction and tracking the variations orders with workflow driven approvals. Bi-directional Integration with MS Project/ Primavera also enables the users to execute highly complex tasks and Foresee the changes in the cost implications for the schedule changes in real time with great transparency, which helps the Construction & real estate companies to speed up their processes.

Financial Controls:  Project cost, time, quality, risk and other controls are must and broadly accepted methods like Earned Value, Cost to Complete, Budget Vs Actuals, Cash Flow offers quantitative foundations for monitoring the Projects. With Role centers driven Powerful Dashboards, Reports and notifications NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV Offers real time visibility and transparency of metrics and targets help push decision-making closer to where execution takes place, and accelerating project delivery.

Collaborative Project Execution:  Efficient and effective project execution at every level in the organization requires real-time tracking of materials, resources, equipment’s, and better communication & collaborations with suppliers and subcontractors, owners, site engineers, and streamlined process to Change Order management, timely billing and monetization’s.

The tightly integrated Microsoft Dynamics Solutions with industry-specific functionality of NAVBUILD and ready to use Project templates, best practices and Collaborations tools allows automation of key business processes and repeat tasks enable efficient project execution and helps to maximize your profitability as well as tighter control of budgets and schedules and increased cash flow.

With NAVBUILD for Microsoft Dynamics, you can:

  1. Develop Quantity & Value based estimation and Budgeting to track and monitor
  2. Make it easier for you to complete projects on time and within budget.
  3. Improve project executions, and mitigate growing operational and financial risks
  4. Improved Project visibility and profitability via customizable Role Centres, KPI dashboards and Supplier portals.
  5. Earned Value Analysis, Cost to Complete & Dashboards – Analyse your health of Project performance and progress (Integrated scope, schedule, and cost metrics)
  6. Bi-Directional integration with MS Project for real time view of your Project schedule, efficient Forecasting and Budget changes notifications
  7. Manage your Pre-& Post tender Process with estimation and Rate Analysis Setup, and leverage your historical performance data for effective Proposals and Bid success.
  8. Manage throughout the Pre & Post Construction and Procurement Process with clear visibility of all aspects of the cost commitment data
  9. Effective and collaborative Sub-Contracting Process for a better productivity
  10. Integrated Assets & Maintenance module for managing your Assets, utilization’s and Spare parts etc
  11. Control equipment and tool assets with unmatched visibility into relevant data and Utilization’s
  12. Streamline your Change Order Management processes and monetization’s.
  13. Workflow driven Approvals & Notifications over SMS/emails – Exceptions Management
  14. Revenue recognition Process
  15. Work and integrate with familiar Microsoft Products.

To know more about the solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit

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NAVBUILD Announced As the Winner Of 2017 Construction Management Software Awards

NAVBUILD Announced as the Winner Of 2017 Construction Management Software Awards by One of today’s best known software review platforms,, where thousands of constructors land to find the perfect app for their business, has recently prepared a detailed review of NAVBUILD to promote our solution to wider audience. Our system was thoroughly analyzed and compared by their team and we received a very positive score in that evaluation. What is even more important, our software was distinguished with two of the quality awards by the team’s experts.

To our utmost pleasure, NAVBUILD now holds the Rising Star Award for 2017 and the 2017 Great User Experience Award for the construction management software for small & Mid-size business category, both of them reserved only for powerful systems that genuinely make a difference in digitizing construction operations.

The review team confirmed that NAVBUILD is a great tool that efficiently helps the construction industry. Thanks to our system, the reviewers said, Project driven companies including Construction, Real Estate, Interior Design & Fit-out, EPC/MEP and sole contractors can work in a familiar environment, customize processes in a brand-friendly manner, and save both the time and expenses resulting from running a remote team without the right software.  According to the experts, our solution is also one of the few apps featured in the construction management that develop fast and continue to impress.

But what did experts like the most about NAVBUILD?  According to their team, there is little construction capability that hasn’t been covered by our system. They highlighted the fact that being developed predominantly to meet the resource planning needs of construction businesses, NAVBUILD presents one of the most unique combinations on the market, that eliminates the need to purchase additional software to keep projects under control. They praised us for being a one-stop construction tool usable in all locations and for all operations, and one that helps companies stay in line with the dynamics of this rapidly developing market. We were particularly praised for allowing users to use and maximize Microsoft Dynamics ERP functionality, which helps handle cost and revenue variations with absolute precision.

As experts’ explain, NAVBUILD, Certified (CfMD) solutions from Microsoft is one of the rare systems that can be adjusted to meet all Construction Process scenarios, and face the micro and macro needs of this dynamic and Project-Centric industry. To make matters even better, NAVBUILD is packed with various collaboration and Integration functionalities including MS Project/Primavera, and yet offered on a price attractive to small & Mid-Size businesses.

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NAVBUILD for HVAC Business & MEP Contractors

Today, MEP Contractors and HVAC Companies offers diversity of job works, Services and Products sales, and getting overloaded with the day to day operational, meeting Customer expectations, and data management challenges.  To sustain a competitive Advantage in the High cost of operations business, minimizing inefficiency, administration hassle and Project executions within Life Cycle Cost is must. Therefore, successful HVAC companies are looking at Single integrated ERP solutions to Estimate accurately, maximize planning, productivity and profitability.

NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV, a Project-Centric ERP software seamlessly integrates all departments of HVAC businesses to enhance productivity and maximize efficiency, streamlines operations, and empowers the project team with industry-critical capabilities and best practices.

Extended by Dynamics NAV ERP Foundations, NAVBUILD Certified Solutions (CfMD) from Microsoft provide you with the tools to take control of every aspect of your HVAC business from bids, estimation, budgeting, scheduling, contracting & Procurement, Commissioning to billing and after sales services, all with one fully integrated Solution.

NAVBUILD for Installations & HVAC Businesses allows you to

  1. Accelerated estimates with BoQ Loading, Pre-defined Templates and Simplified Rate Analysis
  2. Estimates traceability and integration with Project Management, and resource planning
  3. Flexible Job Costing & Structures allows you to accommodate the most complex Projects requirements.
  4. Allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects with greater precision.
  5. Bi-directional integration MS Projects/Primavera for effective scheduling and Cost Impact Analysis
  6. Manage inventory and track deliveries across various warehouses and Installation sites.
  7. Role tailored enterprise Work flow, approvals and alerts to execute the tasks on time and make fast and informed decision
  8. Generating maintenance orders for planned and reactive maintenance
  9. Time sheets to tracks hours and costs to service orders
  10. Track Projects milestones for timely Invoicing contracts and service orders
  11. Real time updates through mobile/tab clients for requisitions, m-books, project updates and time sheets.

Here are some of the benefits for HVAC Business by Implementing NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV

  1. Fully integrated and automated Project Management minimizes efforts & data entry and maximizes accuracy and success
  2. Enhanced Planning and Faster decision making with accurate Project and cost data
  3. Optimize your operations by streamline the Project plan & Executions and Maintenance with Industry best practices
  4. Impress your clients with quick response time, and quality proposal by leveraging ready templates and History tracking
  5. Real time view of Profits across Projects, and Cost to Complete, and Cash Flow Forecast
  6. Track and compare project costs vs. estimates to focus on your Project Life Cycle Cost
  7. Fuels the business Productivity by connecting People & Process, and empowerment
  8. Enables in Better Collaboration, real time and Informed Decision Making
  9. 360 Degree view of organizations with Executive Dashboards/KPIs to enable the management to control the project with macro & micro level data.
  10.  Real time view of field and Project team workloads, scheduled maintenance requirements and dispatch resources effectively.

The Single Integrated, data-driven ERP solutions that connects your projects, Suppliers, customers, and their servicing assets, and gives you a real-time view of your entire business, helping you to make fast and informed decision.  Dynamics NAV, a Cloud ready, easy to-use ERP software, designed to deliver the core functional foundation in weeks rather months.

To know more about the Solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit

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