Microsoft Power BI

Analyse with Power BI

Enable everyone to turn data into insightful visualizations to make decisions quickly and confidently with Power BI. It doesn’t matter where your data that runs your business lies - in the cloud, in your own data centre, in an Excel spreadsheet, or any other systems with built-in support by the Power Platform, you can connect, analyse and gain insights from it anywhere, on any device.

Microsoft PowerApps

Act with PowerApps

With PowerApps, anyone can build custom web and mobile applications without writing code and that too, in hours. Like Power BI, PowerApps connects to hundreds of business systems and databases, making it easy to connect the users with the existing processes and data that makes the business tick. Connect Power BI and PowerApps to and create a closed-loop process for continuous improvement and supercharging the productivity.

Microsoft Flow

Automate with Flow

Microsoft Flow is an intelligent process automation service that goes beyond simple task automation. It allows even non-technical users to construct automated workflows in minutes across hundreds of popular apps and services without the need for coding. These automated workflows, which run in the cloud and are secured by Microsoft, can be triggered by insights from Power BI, leveraged via apps built with PowerApps.