Build data-driven operations to see your real business performance

Drive your business growth like no other with this POS and Merchandising solution that is incredibly easy to use and configure. Retail Pro is the solution-of-choice for savvy, growth-oriented businesses to prestigious multinational enterprises because it is scalable, intelligent, and affordable. Whether yours is a single brand or a multiple-concept franchising model, Retail Pro can help you grow.

Add web-stores, brick and mortar stores, kiosks, pop-ups, shop-in-shops, and franchises domestically or abroad – all with Retail Pro POS. Choose from centralized, decentralized, and hybrid deployment options and get the total flexibility and control in managing your operations.

Don't limit your options for growth

Choose a global retail solution over your POS


Unified commerce for ease

Unify your data in Retail Pro POS for a single point of truth about your inventory, operations and customers that helps you deliver on your brand promise.


Localized for regional requirements

Adapt to variations on local regulations to fine tune retail POS system to specific regional requirements in terms of fiscal & taxes, languages, and other compliances.


Solid infrastructure with the power to scale

Get the stability, scalability, and reliability that you require to run your complex retail business with this integrated robust retail solution built on powerful embedded Oracle database.


Intuitive user interface for better management

Meet the needs of virtually any retail operation – saving time, money, and lost productivity with its ease of use and eventually reduce the employee turnover ratio.